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Why Should You Hire A Virtual Assistant?

Outsourcing your work to staff in other locations permits you to concentrate on what matters.

Life as a company owner in our modern world is hard. Typically, we’re expected to be jacks of all trades, doing a myriad of tasks, each of which may take a really really long time.


Prior to you even considering spending some time creating ingenious new products and services, or perhaps selling those goods and services, you need to very first grind through a schedule loaded full of other stuff: there’s personnel to be managed, checks to write, budgets to examine, contracts with suppliers to go through, and the list continues.

It’s no surprise that many struggles! In fact, the author’s own efforts to handle his organization led him to a total burnout; he just didn’t have any time or energy left to be satisfied.

No single VA can do all your outsourced jobs, and there’s one task you must never give them.

Just as magnate cannot do whatever themselves– no matter how hard they attempt– neither can VAs.

Virtual Assistants Help Your Business Thrive

Basically, you can’t ask a single VA to do all your outsourced work. While it’s tempting to find one superhero VA to dispose of all of your work onto, the unfortunate fact is that we’re all human, even your VAs.

While one VA might be able to do one or two jobs better than you, they won’t be able to tackle all of the work that you need to hand down.

Bearing this in mind, you need to instead hire virtual staff for specific functions. For instance, you may collaborate with a General Virtual Assistant (GVA) to handle the admin for your company. Your GVA is the one who stands out at doing the little repetitive jobs, such as purchasing fixed for the office, organizing meetings or sending memos.

Keep in mind, however, that there is one thing that you should never ever contract out– your content, i.e., exactly what you offer to your clients.

The excellent material can be anything. If you run a service suggestions site, your content might be an entirely free e-book detailing how your consumers can construct a blog to grow their company. Or you run a wine review blog, where your content might be videos in which you provide insights and advice for wine buyers.

Time To Let Your Virtual Personal Assistant Make Your Life Easier

Your content is what makes your organization successful. Certainly, an excellent service is not the one that spends the most on marketing or the one that makes it to the top of Google’s search rankings. Rather, it’s the one with the most appealing and pertinent content for its customers.

So make sure that you supply the material yourself. In this manner, you can make sure that it is of the quality that your customers expect.

Fortunately, given that you have actually offered your less important jobs to your VAs, you can dedicate loads of time to content production!

That’s when he decided to do things a bit in a different way: he contracted out a few of his work to Virtual Assistants (VAs).

VAs are staff who do work for you, but who are not in the exact same place as you. They can handle an intense series of jobs, from accounting to workplace management, thus permitting company owner and leaders to focus on the work that they’re best at which matters most. By employing VAs, they can enjoy exactly what is called virtual liberty.

There are two primary reasons why VAs present such an excellent chance:

First, the internet allows consistent interaction throughout countless miles in between you and your VA. No matter how far apart you are, you can work as if you’re in the very same room.

Second, there’s a big swimming pool of readily available talent. More than 42 million Americans currently work as self-employed experts and freelancers– all of them are potentially offered for part-time, full-time or even project-based work.

So, if you’re struggling to keep afloat in a sea of jobs, virtual freedom might be your life raft.

Dealing with virtual personnel is a learning procedure. However, there are tricks to make it much easier.

Dealing with VAs may seem simple– undoubtedly all you need to do is search for and work with the right people, right? Well, there’s more to it than that. In fact, you’re most likely to make numerous mistakes on the path to the ideal VAs.

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The author himself needed to find out a few hard lessons through trial and error. For instance, in the beginning, he discovered it challenging to judge just how much authority and independence to give his VAs. Some of them he gave too much, and they wound up working against his wishes. Others he provided insufficient to be able to do their jobs.

All this experimentation resulted in some powerful heuristics that you can utilize when finding your VAs.

Outsourcing Your Work For Virtual Assistants

First, never ever sacrifice quality for the expense. Excellent VAs aren’t low-cost, specifically for a start-up. An app designer, for instance, costs up to $2,500 per month, and a GVA $900. Although it might seem sensible to hire the least expensive VAs, it’s actually quite negligent.

Keep in mind: these people are like your in-house staff members, and you want the best work from them. In real life, you wouldn’t employ a second workplace supervisor without any administration experience, so why do it in the virtual one?

The very same factor to consider applies to the area. Overseas VAs will probably be cheaper, and they can carry out just as well as VAs from your home country. Nevertheless, operating in various time zones and handling cultural distinctions can end up being a burden.


Think of how annoying it would be to have to wait for 6 hours every day to get a reply from the person in charge of the videos for your website if you needed an instant choice on when to submit a hot viral video. You may end up losing out because of the wait.

It’s your call, however, think about whether the decrease in cost for foreign work is worth the included trouble of working across time zones.

Working with a VA needs just as much attention as working with an ordinary staff member.

Although you might never see your VAs in person, they’re still individuals. Hence, a lot of the important things that apply to working with “regular” staff members likewise apply for recruiting VAs.

The main thing to keep in mind when you’re employing VAs, similar to typical workers, is that you need to work with for the role, not the task.

Envision that you require a VA to edit videos for your site. Before you go and find the absolute best video editor, believe first about what else you may want from your digital video VA in the future. For instance, you may require them to submit the videos, and even shoot them.

To puts, it only, do not just focus on their instant job (digital modifying). Think “big picture.”

And although you don’t need to comprehend everything your video editor does, you do need a minimum of a basic understanding to be able to make a significant hiring choice.

But employing is a job, like any other, ideal? Could not you just outsource this to another VA?

No. You supervise of establishing your business, so you need to be in charge of recruitment. So make sure to investigate the functions you’re hiring and find out for yourself.

Moreover, all great hires begin with a very good job description. You have to be extremely precise– both on your own and for your task candidates– about exactly what you want from your VA. The much better the job description, the much easier it’ll be to discover the right individual to meet it.

An excellent job description is precise, exact and quickly reasonable. Use bullet points and be really clear about exactly what you want from your VA, and what experience is needed for the task.

Make certain that job interviews are individual. Always use something like Skype or Google Hangouts, and never ever rely on e-mail. Just with the help of planned and high-quality interviews will a good job description become a good hire.

But hiring is just the initial step …

It is inadequate to work with VAs merely, you have to train them also.

No magnate can anticipate their brand-new internal hires to understand precisely what to do without some sort of assistance. They need training, and the exact same is true for your VAs.

There are three things that you should keep in mind when hiring VAs.

First, as pointed out formerly, you need to define the role you are employing for carefully. If for instance, you’re operating a GVA to handle your office admin, then you’ll need to make an effort to tell them exactly what is required of them. Don’t make them intuit anything.

Secondly, your VAs can and should ask for aid whenever they have concerns, specifically at the start. Do not allow your GVA to learn through experimentation! Make it clear that you expect them to ask when they need assistance so that they get it right very first time.

Lastly, be aware of time zones. Training for someone living 12 hours away from you has to be well planned to be well performed. While you might discover the best certified GVA overseas, you do not want to be answering questions at 2 a.m

These 3 tenets are good places to begin, but it will take more than that to train your VAs well.

Be sure to blend up the types of media you utilize when training your VA, including online, audio, visual and conventional written training materials. When you’ve produced the finest training resources, you can use them every time you employ a brand-new VA

Be conscious of cultural distinctions when hiring overseas.

As soon as you have actually trained your VAs, your primary job is to establish a management system to keep their work efficiently.

After the training is total, you’re that much closer to lastly accomplishing virtual freedom. However, this freedom will only come if your VAs are able to operate in an orderly method. Simply puts, you require a management system.

The best management systems focus on Frequently Asked Question sheets or IFTTT cheat sheets– the acronym represents “if that occurs, then this has to happen.”

You can think of IFTTT cheat sheets as emergency situation evacuation procedures: in case of an earthquake or fire, you just follow the treatment to get to security.

IFTTT cheat sheets help your VAs comprehend exactly what to do if, for instance, your system crashes or they miss out on a due date. With an IFTTT, they have explicit orders about exactly what to do next.

Furthermore, they avoid you from having to micromanage your VAs. Virtual assistants are expected to free up your time, so you do not want to spend throughout the day looking into their work. Exactly, what’s more, this smothering, hands-on approach will demotivate your VAs.

Nevertheless, once your group of VAs starts to grow, then FAQ sheets just won’t suffice. In this case, you’ll need a complete management system to keep an eye on exactly what everyone is doing.

While management systems sound quite scary and complicated, they really do not need to be. Just having a Dropbox folder or a Google Drive file where all the VAs complete their progress on their jobs ought to suffice to keep track of everything.

Management systems are particularly crucial for new hires. You’ll want to track their progress in the beginning, and management systems allow you to do just that.

For instance, you can ask your brand-new VAs to send you an e-mail after every workday detailing what they’ve done.

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